WagnerRev. Roger Wagner

 2015 Topic: Living as families under the Lordship of Jesus Christ

Pastor Wagner spoke at the 2005 Family Camp on the topic: One New Man in Christ
The basis, nature and maintenance of the unity of the Body of Christ.

Pastor Wagner has been an ordained minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church for 30 years, serving the Bayview congregation since 1983. He is a graduate of Westmont College (B.A., 1970) and Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (M.Div., 1973), and in 1998 was awarded a Doctorate of Ministry degree in preaching from Westminster Seminary in California.

Both as a pastor and as president of the Board of Directors ofCovenant Christian School, he has considerable experience in peaching and training Christians for effective service for the Kingdom of God. He has written various articles on pastoral and ecclesiastical subjects for the Journal of Pastoral Practice and Antithesis, and contributed several chapters on the doctrine of the church and Reformed church practice to the book Back to Basics: Rediscovering the Richness of the Reformed Faith.

Tongues Aflame

His own book has just been published!

Tongues Aflame: Could You Preach Like an Apostle?


Rev. Wagner also serves as a board member of the Southern California Center for Christian Studies and teaches theology and church history for Bahnsen Theological Seminary.

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British Worship CollectionAnother highly recommended book Pastor Wagner mentioned in his series at camp:

The British Worship Collection — Revised Edition with printed music

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