Rev. Alan Strange

2010 Topic: Charity and its Fruits

About the SpeakerHow did the church rise to prominence in medieval society? How did the various forms of Protestantism emerge from the Reformation? How did the Enlightenment affect Christianity? How did philosophical thought impact the development of Christian apologetics? How does Christianity apply to modern philosophy?

These are some of the questions answered in courses taught by Professor Alan D. Strange. The course work ranges from the early church and its eventual development into medieval ascendancy, to the Reformation and its subsequent streams of Presbyterianism, to the effects of the Enlightenment, to the application of presuppositional apologetics.

Professor Strange served Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Glassboro, New Jersey for over nine years before becoming an Associate Professor of Church History atMid-America Reformed Seminary (MARS). He is an associate pastor at New Covenant Community Church (OPC) in New Lenox, Illinois, frequently preaching there or speaking in other church and conference settings. He is active in the Presbytery of the Midwest and serves the OPC on various committees. He serves on the Committee on Christian Education and the Board of Trustees of Great Commission Publications. He also served as the Moderator of the 75th OPC General Assembly.

Professor Strange has done extensive youth and college student work over the course of his ministry and has published historical works for use in Christian education and home schooling. He has published several articles on colonial American intellectual history and the history of American Presbyterianism, and has been a frequent contributor to the OPC denominational magazine New Horizons and to the Mid-America Journal of Theology.

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