crumthumbMr. Dave Crum

David Crum was born in Westfield, NJ, about 35 miles from Manhattan, and raised in a nominally Christian home. The youngest of three children, he and his family were regular church goers in the large and luxurious mainline protestant church on main street, USA. During the turbulent sixties and early seventies, Dave’s mother, then one by one, the other members of his family became Christians through the preaching of the Word of God and the doctrine of grace they received upon visiting a small church on the other side of town. The pastor of that church at that time was the Reverend Robert Atwell.

While at Moravian college in Bethlehem PA pursuing an interdepartmental degree in Business Administration and Spanish, God used a series of events in Dave’s life to bring him to repentance and faith in Christ. On December 1st, 1975, Dave gave his life to Christ. In God’s providence, in an extraordinary way, Dave stumbled upon a home Bible study group that met on Saturday nights only one block from the apartment he was sharing with seven unbelieving college students. The study was led by a professor at Lehigh University, and the second Saturday evening that he attended, Dave met Jane Turner, a fellow Moravian student whom he was to marry in June of 1978. Together with four other students, Dave and Jane started a chapter of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Moravian Campus. Five of those six students attended the IVCF Urbana Missions Conference in December of 1976, where Dave sensed God’s call in his life to serve Him as a foreign missionary. His spent the summer of 1976 in Barranquilla, Colombia, testing that call.

In 1979 Dave began graduate studies at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. During the same year as Dave’s graduation [1982], the Presbytery of Southern California of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church was looking for a seminary student who might be interested in the mission field in Mexico. Dave was very interested, was called to serve as an intern of the missions committee of presbytery, and was ordained to the Gospel minisry about two years later. He has been serving in that capacity ever since.

Dave and his wife have four children, three sons; Timothy [17], Michael [15], Adrian [13] and a daughter; Jana [11].