CurtoLaDr. Tony Curto

2008 Topic:
 “The Christian Life” from Psalm 119:57-64  and  The Pilgrim’s Progress: “Bound for the Celestial City”

About the Speaker: Dr. Tony Curto is a native of Cherry Point, NC, but has lived in many places. He came to Christ during the Jesus Movement in Southern California in 1972. After his conversion he felt the call to Gospel Ministry and attended a small non-denominational Bible school, God’s Army, where he received his earliest training in open air preaching. He earned a BA in Bible from Southern California College (78), an MA from Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia (80), an MDiv from Westminster Seminary in California (83), and a DMin in Preaching from Westminster Seminary in California (96). He wrote his D.Min project on Preaching in the Marketplace.

Dr. Curto was a pastor for 15 years in Southern California, serving as a regional home missionary in Southern California for 2 years. For 9 years he served the OPC foreign missions committee as a missionary evangelist to Uganda and continues his service as a part time missionary evangelist to Ethiopia. He now serves full time as Associate Professor of Practical Theology in Missions and Evangelism at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina. Dr. Curto has been married for 35 years to his beautiful wife, Kathleen, and has 6 children, 3 of which were adopted from Uganda. The Curtos also have 3 grandchildren.


The morning sessions will be “The Christian Life” from Psalm 119:57-64. The subjects will include The Christian and the Word, Christ Alone, Biblical Covenanting, Mortification, The Will of God, Standing on the Promises, The Means of Grace, and Meditation. He will have to decide which ones to do in the slots allotted.

The evening sessions will come from “The Pilgrim’s Progress” with a title of “Bound for the Celestial City”.  It will be approached by doing talks on different sections of the book. He has not decided on which one(s) yet, but they will be from these choices: The City of Destruction, The Narrow Gate, Interpreters House, Hill Difficulty, Vanity Fair, Valley of Death, Doubting Castle, and The Final Crossing.

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