Pinecrest has large two-story alpine lodges. The lodges have individual rooms that contain one queen bed and four (or six) single beds in a bunk-bed configuration. The rooms are carpeted and each room has its own sink, mirror and electrical outlets. There are two bathrooms centrally located on each floor of the lodge. Each bathroom contains three toilets and three showers.

The conference lodges are for families and group accommodations. Single adults stay in the Pinecrest Suites, not the lodges, unless they are staying with a group or family.

There are three lodges, plus an arrangement of second story rooms located above one of the dining halls (the Pavilion).

The majority of the rooms are configured for a capacity of 5-6 individuals, with one “queen” sized bed (for two) and 4 bunk beds.

There are a limited number of rooms configured for 6-7 individuals, one queen size bed and 5 bunk beds.

The Pavilion rooms are smaller, designed for 3-5, or 2-3 persons.

The Conference Lodge restrooms are a common area, with 3 to 4 wash basins, toilets, and up to three showers, depending upon the particular lodge.

Linens and towels are not provided in the lodges. In addition, family campers need to bring their own bedding and bath towels.