Blue Ridge Bible Conference – Family Camp – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Please look throughout our website for more detailed information or refer to our Facebook page We Love Family Camp* to post a question to our many family campers who are more than happy to share information from their camp experience.

*We Love Family Camp is a closed group after April 1st. If you would like to join, make a request and the page administrator will review and process.


Q: How are reservations confirmed?
A: Reservations are confirmed by email.

Q: When do I need to pay the balance due?
A: The balance is due immediately upon receipt of confirmation your balance due statement. This will be emailed to you once we get the final green light from Pinecrest and the State of California. Please make payment no later than one week before camp, June 7th.

Q. How do I make a payment?
A. Submit your payment online OR a check payable to BRBC (Blue Ridge Bible Conference) can be mailed to the Family Camp Registrars: Pete and Jackie Oftedahl, 1535 W. Avenida de las Americas, Tucson, AZ 85704

Q: How do I make a donation?

Q: When does registration close?
A: May 31st.

Q: Are T-Shirts included of the total camp fee?
A: Yes, T-shirts are not extra, they are included the camp fee.

Q: What size are the T-Shirts?
A: There are three group sizes:

  • Men (Adult; 2018 shirt brand and style)
  • Ladies (Ladies Cut; 2017 shirt brand and style)
  • Youth (2017 shirt brand and style).
Body LengthBody Width
Men S2819
Men M2920.5
Men L3022
Men XL3124
Men XXL3226
Ladies S25.517.25
Ladies M2619.25
Ladies L2721.25
Ladies XL2823.25
Ladies XXL28.525.25
Youth XS20.516
Youth S2217
Youth M23.518
Youth L2519
Youth XL26.520


Q: What are the accommodations like?
A: There are two options: suites or lodges. There are no hook-ups for RV’s or motorhomes, but there are a few spots to park one (parking spaces are limited to three). Please view the website accommodation page for pictures and descriptions of these options.

Pinecrest Suites

Q: What are the Pincecrest Suites?
A: They are Adult Units – condo for adults only (18 yrs. and over), generally housing 2 persons per bedroom.

Q: How are the Pinecrest Suite configured?
A: They are three story chateaus with three to five bedrooms (including a loft).

Q: How many are meant to sleep in a room?
A: Each bedroom can accommodate two adults in a queen size bed; additional rollout beds are available for common area sleeping.

Q: What are the bath and kitchen arrangements?
A: They are common area bathrooms, and a kitchen with a microwave, coffee maker, and small refrigerator.

Q: What is provided in the Pinecrest Suite?
A: Linens, towels and washcloths are provided.

Pinecrest Lodges

Q: How are the Lodges configured?
A: The Lodges are two story buildings for family and group accommodations. There are three lodges, plus an arrangement of second story rooms above one of the dining halls (Pavilion).

Q: What is the capacity of the Lodge rooms?

  • The majority of the rooms are designed for a capacity of 5-6 individuals, with one “queen” sized bed (for two) and 4 bunk/twin beds.
  • There are a few that are designed for 6-7, one queen size bed and 5 bunks.
  • The Pavilion rooms are smaller, designed for 3-5, or 2-3 persons.

Q: What are the Lodge restrooms arrangements?
A: The Lodge restrooms are a common area, community bathrooms, with 3 to 4 washbasins, toilets, and up to three showers, depending upon the particular lodge.

Q: Are linens and towels provided in the lodges?
A: No, campers need to provide their own bedding and bath towels. Many bring sleeping bags, and several like to bring an extra comfort bedding mat and their own pillow.

Q: Are the accommodations air-conditioned?
A: No, only the Chapel and Dining Hall are air-conditioned. Personal or portable fans are recommended for the rooms to help with air circulation, especially if the weather turns warm.

Special Requests

Q: Can I make special requests for specific rooms?
A: Yes, but they are honored on a first come, first serve basis, and will only be accommodated if the registrar is able.

Q: How are rooms assigned?
A: Rooms are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. If the camp fills up, registrations will be placed on waiting list in the order received.

Q: Is priority given to room assignment?
A: Yes, first floor lodge rooms are given priority to 1) families with young children, 2) pregnant moms, and 3) individuals with medical conditions or a handicap.

Required Paperwork

Q: May someone stay in my room who is not a member of my family?
A: Yes, families often team up together to make accommodations work. It is required that you let the registrar know ahead of time with a comment in the “special comment” section of the registration form.

Q: Are health and liability release forms required?

  • Yes, everyone, children and adults, attending must have a health and liability forms properly completed and signed to attended camp.
  • IMPORTANT: A minor attending with another family or adult without their parent or guardian present, MUST have this form completed by their parent or guardian before arriving to camp, to be turned in at check-in time.

Q: What other forms are required to attend family camp?
A: A health screening form is required to be completed within 24 hrs. of arrival at camp.

Check-in Procedures

Q: How do I obtain the required health and liability release forms?
A: The forms are posted on the website (health and liability forms) and will also be sent to each person responsible for the registration before camp starts.

Q: What time is camp Check-in Time?
A: Registration Check-in time starts at Monday, 4PM.

Please do not arrive prior as this year there is another large group ahead of us and it will take time for Pinecrest to make accommodation ready.

Q: What time is dinner Monday evening?
A: Dinner starts at 5:30 PM. You may go to dinner if you have not yet checked–in at registration.

Q: May I go to my room with my luggage if I have not yet checked-in?
A: Yes. Check the registration desk area bulletin board(s) for your room assignment, and check-in with the Registrar at the first opportunity to complete your registration.

Q: May I park my vehicle in and around the Lodges?
A: Only for loading and unloading purposes. Attendees must park in designated parking lot next to the baseball diamond.

Q: How do I get my T-shirt?
A: You must have your camp Name Tag to obtain your T-shirt, which you will receive at “check-in” after your registration is complete.


Q: Are there microwaves or refrigerators for special food preparation?
A: The Dining Hall kitchen has a variety of food to choose from, and will accommodated special preparation upon request. The Pinecrest Suites have microwaves and refrigerators that campers can share for special food preparation.

Q: What should I bring for snack time?
A: Please bring some snacks to share for the Fellowship Time between the meetings. This can be muffins, cookies, chips, dip, breads, fruit, nuts, etc., nothing that needs to be refrigerated.

Q: Where should I leave the snacks?
A: When you arrive items should be delivered to the room just outside the main entrance to the conference assembly hall (Chapel), unless arranged and posted otherwise.


Q: What activities does Pinecrest Conference Center offer?
A: Based upon availability and management discretion, Pinecrest Conference Center offers the use of the swimming pool, skateboard park, rock climbing wall, zip-line, gym and other activities.

Q: Is there any requirement to make use of Pinecrest Conference Center activities?
A: Yes, a completed and signed health and liability release form mentioned above under the heading “Required Paperwork.”

Q: Will BRBC be conducting athletic activities?
A:Yes, sign-up sheets for volleyball, basketball, corn hole, archery and other activities will be made available in the Conference Chapel.

Q: Should I bring sport equipment from home?
A: Yes, it is helpful to the athletic coordinator to bring sports equipment for games and activities. Be sure to adequately label and identify items with your name.


Q: Will an offering be taken at camp?
A: Yes, each year we take a special offering for the Camp Speaker(s). This can be done on our donate page.

Q: Are scholarship funds available to help pay for camp cost?
A: Yes. There is an application request form. Call or send an email to the camp registrar for the application.

Q: What other ways are available to help pay for camp fees?
A: There is a Teacher Credit. Learn more at the Help Wanted page.

Q: How do I let camp know I would like to help?
A: The on-line registration form has an entry line for volunteer name and contact information.

Q: Is there WI-FI at camp?
A: Yes, in the Dining Hall and Chapel.

Q: What is the Camp Elevation?
A: The camp is located near Twin Peaks, elevation 5,777 ft.

Q: Are there other helpful hints and reminders about attending camp?
A: Yes, here are a few:

  • If you are going to use the pool, remember to bring a pool towel.
  • Remember a flashlight for getting around at night
  • Some parents like to bring plug-in night-lights, as the rooms can get quite dark at night.
  • Parents of little ones should bring booster seats for the dining hall.
  • Remember the speaker(s) are recorded and conference mp3/CD’s will be on sale.
  • Talent night participants should remember their sheet music if needed.
  • Spectator lawn chairs are a good idea.
  • Remember bath soap and shampoo.
  • Bottled water to stay hydrated. Bottles can be refilled at the Dining Hall.
  • For pre-camp weather condition, the zip code for the camp is 92391, Twin Peaks, CA.
  • Many families bring a window fan or two.

Q: Who are the board members for the camp?

Left to right: Joe LoGiudice, Jason Lund (President), Mike Jennings, Matt Cotta, Mark Schroeder, James Lim, Christopher Chelpka, John Kent, Paul Kent